Schoolproject Mabolleh

The Mabolleh school project has now really started. As we have always said, this project MUST continue. For the students who have to walk far every day, with the consequences. But also for these villages. If this school were not built, people would move away from these villages and an aging population would arise that would lead to the disappearance of these villages.

People are very motivated and want to help. They have now started preparing the land where the school will be located. Everybody is happy!

But we can always use donations and advice! With your support we can move forward!

This video shows how the land is being prepared for construction by employees of the PadiaPadi Foundation, for the construction of the school in Mabolleh.

This is where the water well for the school is dug.

PadiPadi Foundation - waterput voor schoolproject Mabolleh 01

We are working hard on the construction of the school in Mabolleh. Here they make the building blocks.