Mission statement

The PadiPadi foundation Sierra Leone (PPF-SL) is an independent, non-political non-profit, non-religious and national non-governmental organization operating in Sierra Leone. The rationale for its formation was borne out of the passion and vision – to help create a safe, fun, educative and support environment for vulnerable Sierra Leonean children, women and farmers. This was pioneered by a team of well meaning Sierra Leonean young men and women with vast experience and knowledge in social and community development work.
Having registered with the appropriate government ministries and authorities to work with children, women and farmers in the country, PadiPadi foundation- Sierra Leone has been functioning as a national civil society organization through an Integrated Education and Empowerment Program targeting: Teenage mothers; school drop-outs; farmers; school-goers, and radio enthusiasts in the country.
Its driving principles are geared towards reviewing the past, confronting the present and re-positioning for the future of children, women and farmers in Sierra Leone. PadiPadi foundation remains very committed to improving the well being of children, women and farmers. As such the needs of our beneficiaries/ right bearers always come first. The programs are set up according to the needs of the children, women and farmers and communities regardless of political affiliation, religion, tribe or sex.

PADIPADI VISION STATEMENT – “Improve the quality of lives of the people in their area of operations and beyond”
PADIPADI MISSION STATEMENT – “A civil society organisation that works in addressing Sierra Leone development and policy issues by working in partnership with people and organisation worldwide to build sustainable, healthy and productive communities”.

1) Saturday Education and Fun Time (SEFT)
The Saturday Education and Fun Time (SEFT) project has been designed to target school children, in two separate groups, between the ages of 10-14 and 15 -18 years. Through the SEFT project we hope to engage 250 children and youth within a period of 18 months. The project participants will become equipped with life skills, basic civic education, sexual reproductive health and hygiene information, and creative pursuits through, drama and dance, arts and crafts.
2) Youth Radio (YR)
This project has been developed to provide youth radio enthusiasts the opportunity to participate in radio program development and production processes through learning with hands-on. The objective of this project is to provide youth with the opportunity to carry out advocacy on key human rights and governance issues of concern. Within a period of 20 months 4 teams of 8 youth both male and female would have gained knowledge and experience on: researching for radio program, investigating a radio story/ incident, radio serial drama development, technical aspect of studio/ radio production, script writing for radio, and Vox-Pop interviews. With the Youth Radio, it is hope that at the end of every 20 months period 32 youth would have been trained on radio production and series of radio shows produced for broadcast on Saturdays.
3) Parent/Child Drop-In Centre
This is a project that is meant to provide parents and children a safe and support environment to learn about issues that affect them separately. This project has been design to address problems affecting teen-parents and single parenting in the country. It is hope that within a period of 12 months 60 teen-parents/ single parents would have been engaged in a non-formal setting, to learn: fundamentals of child care; food nutrition and hygiene for toddlers /infants; prevention of common diseases affecting toddlers/ infants; reproductive health, and livelihood skills trainings.
This is a project that seeks to provide water sanitation and clean lavatory facilities for schools. This will enable children, teacher and other people using these facilities to wash their hands and clean themselves up with clean water after using the lavatory, so it will help promote hygiene and prevent diseases among children and other people within the community.
5) Agriculture
Agriculture is one of the key projects of the PadiPadi foundation, this project seeks to provide and support farmers to enable them sustain their farming activities by providing seeds, tools and farming education in preventing, packaging and adding values to their produce for the market. PadiPadi foundation will set up four (4) of 80 people farmer’s cooperatives groups that will undergo training in farming for business.

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